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It is with great pleasure to announce the addition of a new member to the ranks of Tempe Sunrise Kiwanis as of the beginning of this month.  Most of us have watched this person as she has ascended from a shy school kid to a confident young lady through her work and contributions through efforts as a member of Corona Del Sol Key Club with help and guidance from her parents and has now decided to become an additional asset to Tempe Sunrise Kiwanis after passing her 18th birthday last month.  As a senior in high school her initial education ends in a few short weeks, it is her time in life to evaluate and prioritize actions toward her future and appears one of those actions and priorities has been service toward others as a carryover from valuable service and lessons gained as a Key Club member.    

I am, of course, referring to Colleen Braun, daughter of Michael and Sheryl. 

I received her New Member Information Form from her father Michael after his announcement of a new member at a recent Thursday morning meeting and proudly announcing to the group who it was after inquiry.  Although not a complete shock it was somewhat of a surprise to us as I myself would be of the belief she might have waited until graduating and forging ahead for a few years through college and life before making the decision to join us.  However this is a time when kids grow and mature more quickly as a result of more worldly exposure, have good ideas, opinions and thoughts for not only their futures but others as well.  These very attributes are necessary for any organization to thrive and change as necessary to be either competitive or rid itself of the burden of being archaic.

Colleen will be with her companions at the last formal gathering of the Corona Del Sol Key Club this year at their Awards Banquet at 6:00 pm this Wednesday, May 7th at Sheryls room at Corona Del Sol High School.  Please join me in congratulating her and the members of her group for the great things they have accomplished and learned together in the past year with no small contribution from her parents Michael and Sheryl.  We should be so lucky.

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Randy Parlova


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